Alexa skills: It’s like a voice app that adds so many features to Alexa’s voice commands. When you want to add a skill, it will be available on all your Alexa devices, and not just the one that you have enabled it on.

Amazon Alexa is a great device system, and its services are even better once you begin loading up skills onto it. Do you know how you can enable Alexa skills, and what is  the best way to do it?

We will show you how to activate Alexa skills using computers and mobile devices.


How to add skills to Alexa using your computer

  • First, sign into your Amazon account.
  • Then navigate to the Alexa Skills page on your Mac or PC.
  • Use the search bar for searching the skills at the top of your screen.
  • Now, browse the editor’s picks, or search via category in the left hand column.
  • Then click on the skills that you want to add and then click the button ‘Enable’ on the next page.


How to add skills to Alexa using your mobile device

  • On your iPhone or Android, Open the Alexa app and then you need to Tap the menu icon at the top left.
  • In the menu Tap ‘Skills and games’.
  • You have to Tap the magnifying glass icon to search for the skill that you want.
  • Now, select the skill you want and then Tap ‘Enable to use’.


Here are some skills that can be useful for you. You can enable them according to your test. For example: Entertainment, News, Cooking, fun and many more.


Alexa Skills for Daily Living


AnyPod: It is a podcast skill, you can add podcast to your library, also you can sync your listening history to your alexa and many more. 

Invocation name: anypod.


Lyft: You can use Alexa to hail a lyft. Also it requires account linking.

Invocation name: lyft.


Mastermind: It’s an all-purpose AI-driven assistant. You can use this for sending texts, messages, emails, calls, searching the web and so many more.

Invocation name: mastermind.


Amazon Alexa Skills for News, Weather, and Information


Big Sky: It is a weather skill. And it also requires account linking.

Invocation name: big sky.


CBC: The name says everything, you can use this for the news, music or a specific Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio One station. Invocation name: CBC.


Curiosity: It’s like a mind game. This skill will ask you to choose between the two topics and when you choose one it will tell you interesting facts about that. 

Invocation name: curiosity.


Amazon Alexa Skills for Health, Fitness, and Safety


7-Minute Workout: If you what to improve strength and aerobic fitness in just seven minutes. Go for a daily workout. 

Invocation name: seven-minute workout.


Burglar Deterrent: This skill protects your home when you’re out of home. You can play realistic audio for some kind of activities such as talking, cleaning and many more. 

Invocation name: burglar deterrent.


Mayo Clinic First Aid: For common injuries and illnesses this skill provide first aid instructions.

Invocation name: mayo first aid.


Amazon Alexa Skills for Inspiration


Headspace: This skill provides guided meditations. Every new day it gives new mediation advice.

Invocation name: headspace.


Inspire Me: This skill provide Inspirational quotations from famous people

Invocation name: inspire me.


Alexa Skills for Cooking


The Bartender: This skill delivers cocktail recipes to you.

Invocation name: the bartender.


MySomm: It’s a wine-pairing skill. This skill suggests a wine you like.

Invocation name: wine gal.

There are so many Alexa skills that can be available in certain countries. So when you don’t see any skill that means the skill isn’t available in your country.



Hope you have understood what Alexa is, it’s skills and how you can add the skills in Alexa using Computer and mobile devices. If you want to know more then Contact us.