Table of contents:

  1. Connecting a Printer to a Wireless Network
  2. Adding a Printer to a Windows Computer
  3. Connecting a Printer to a Mac
  4. Printing from an Android
  5. Printing from an iPhone or iPad


Connecting a Printer to a Wireless Network

Place the printer within range of your wireless router. 

Nowadays there are modern printers that have WiFi capabilities. You can set them up without connecting to any computer. In case your printer should be in your wireless router’s range. So you can connect it easily. 


  • In case your printer does not have any wireless capability then connect your computer by using cable.
  • To the wireless network you can connect directly from the printer. You won’t need the computer to connect.
  • To connect your printer to a wireless network, You’ll need to know your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password.
  • Using the built-in menu system, you can connect your printer to the wireless network.
  • For the exact location, refer to the printer’s documentation but if you are  not able to find the manual then you should download its copy from the manufacturer’s support site.
  • When the printer & router both support WPS push-to-connect, then push the WPS button on your printer. 
  • Now press the WPS button on your router within two minutes. it will  connect automatically.
  • To set up the wireless connection, some wireless printers may want to connect to the computer first. This happens when the printer doesn’t have a built-in menu, but does support wireless. 
  • Via USB connect your printer to the computer.
  • To set up the printer’s wireless connection, use the included software.
  • When you configure it, you can disconnect it from your computer and then place it where you wish.


Adding a Printer to a Windows Computer

  • If you want to connect the printer to the wireless network then use the steps above just to ensure if your printer is connected to the wireless network or not.
  • Your computer and printer should be connected to the same private network.
  • To open the Window start menu, then click with the Windows logo in the lower-right corner. and open it.
  • Now click the setting, it will resemble a gear on the left side of the Windows Start menu.
  • Now click device option, you will find this in the Windows Settings menu, this icon resembles a keyboard and an iPod.
  • Then click on printer and scanners, it resembles the printer and you will find this option in the menu bar to the left next to an icon.
  • Now, click ‘+add printer or scanner’, you will find this option at the top of the menu next to a plus (+) sign. Then your computer will start scanning for printers and scanners connected to the network.
  • Okay now click on printer and then click on the device option. After your computer discovers your printer, it will be listed below ‘Add printers and scanners’. 
  • Click your printer and then click ‘Add Device’ below the printer’s name and manufacturer. It will add your printer to your computer.
  • If your printer is not listed there, click The printer that I want isn’t listed. It will display options to help you find an older printer.
  • Then, add a shared printer by name TCP/IP address, wirelessly, or locally using manual settings. Select sn option and then follow these instructions to connect your printer.
  • Now click print to print a page. Under the “File” menu you will find the “Print” option.
  •  In some cases, you can just click an icon that resembles a printer in the menu bar at the top of the screen. View the print preview and click Print to print to your printer.


Connecting a Printer to a Mac

If you want to connect your printer to your wireless network then use the steps above.

  • Make sure your printer and your Mac are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • To update your mac, ensure that the computer has all the latest printer information. 


Follow these steps to update your Mac.

  • Open the App Store.
  • Click the Updates tab.
  • Click Update All


  • Now click the apple menu, it’s the icon that resembles an apple in the upper right corner.
  • Near the top of the Apple menu, click on the system preferences. It will open the system preference menu.
  • Then click printers and scanners, it will display a list of connected printers on the left side.


You can see if your printer is already listed.

  • Now click + button at the bottom. Then you can see all the connected printers on the left. 


Your Mac scans for printers connected to your wireless network.

To connect your printer, click your printer and click Add. 

  • Some printers need to connect your printer to your Mac with a USB cord
  • Then, install the drivers that came with the printer or from the manufacturer’s websites.
  • Now connect your printer to the wireless network.
  • After connecting, you can disconnect the USB cable.
  • To print a page click print. You will find “Print” option under the “File” menu, Or you can click the icon with three dots ( ) in the upper-left corner.
  • Now, View the print preview and click Print to print to your printer.


Printing from an Android

Use these steps to ensure that your printer is connected to the computer.

  • Ensure that your wireless printer and your Android phone are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Open the setting app.
  • Now tap the magnifying glass icon.
  • Then, Type Printing in the search bar.
  • Tap on printing and the printing menu will open.
  • Now, you need to Tap the toggle switch to turn a print service plugin on. If you use Samsung galaxy, menu name will be ‘Samsung Print Service plugin’.
  • To open the Google Play Store, tap ‘Download plugin’. After that download the third-party print service plugin.
  • Many printer manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Brother, and Lexmark have their own print service plugin you can use
  • Tap the third-party plugin you want to use and tap Install.
  • Now, you have to Tap the print service plugin you want to use. in the Printing Settings menu, All installed print service plugins are listed.
  • To your Android phone or tablet, tap your printer.
  • Now you need to Tap Print to print. 
  • If your app allow printing then you will find this option print by tapping the menu icon, which usually resembles three dots or lines (““, ““, or ““) in the upper-right or left corner.
  • Now you need to tap Print. View the print preview and tap Print to print to your printer.


Every app doesn’t support printing. So you can take screenshots and print them.


Printing from an iPhone or iPad

  • Determine if your printer supports Air Print.
  • To send print jobs directly to the printer, this feature allows iOS devices.
  • In the printer’s Settings menu, Look for the Air Print logo on your printer or for an Air Print option.
  • Some printers need to be configured to use Air Print first.
  • Air Print printers will need to be connected to the same network as your iOS device. Follow the steps at the top of this article to connect your printer to the network.
  • If your printer doesn’t support Air Print, you’ll need to find a printing app from your printer’s manufacturer.


Now you need to Open the app that you want to print from.

Every print doesn’t support Air print, But those apps from Apple and other major developers do.

  • If any app doesn’t support printing, you can take a screenshot and print it out.
  • Now open the item you want to print. here you have to use the app for your document, picture, or email that you want to print.
  • Tap the Share button and select Air Print. It will allow you to use the Air Print printer.
  • Make sure you’re connected to the same network as the printer.
  • Now, you have to select your printer and tap Print. Your file will be sent to your Air Print printer.



Hope you have understood ‘How to Set Up a Wireless Printer Connection’ if you still have any doubts contact us.