Hello Readers, In this article, We will show you 5 simple tricks to speed up your browser.

Table of contents:

  • Remove unused extensions 
  • Clear out the cache and cookies 
  • Uninstall and reinstall your browser 
  • Manage your tabs 
  • Try a different browser

A slow browser can cause endless loading times, streaming delays, unresponsive websites and many more. There are many reasons that slow down your browser speed. Maybe you have too many tabs open, or a weak WiFi, a bloatware buildup etc. 

In this article we will explain to you how you can speed up your browser.

Every browser is different like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari, and Opera but slow performance can affect them all.

Most common reason your browser slows down is because of these things

  • Too many plugins and extensions
  • Too many open tabs
  • Problems with the browser itself
  • A cluttered cache or too many cookies
  • Wi-Fi signal issues



Extensions and plugins are programs that give costume features to your browser. They give a good browsing experience but sometimes it slows down. So if you delete those extensions and plugins that you don’t need, it may improve your web browser’s speed.

Here’s how to remove extensions on different browser.

In Chrome

  • You can find the extension under the main menu.

In Firefox

  • Add-ons from the main menu.

In Microsoft Edge/ Opera

  • In the main menu you can the extension

In safari

  • You can find them under Preferences and extension.


You will be surprised after doing this. If you want more cleaning than remove all of them and reinstall only those ones that are invaluable for you.

Ensure that you are running an updated version of your browser, always check if your browser is bug free and working smoothly.


There are some temporary files stored in your browser whenever you visit a website, and the next time when you visit the same website again your browser will use these cached files to load the site faster.

Your browser hosts cookies that have small files. Website used to collect the store data on you. Because It want to track what you see, what you are searching, where you are going next. There are some cookies that remember your language preference and they are called helpful cookies. 

Everything in the world that has a good side also has a bad side too. Just like this, cached files and cookies can be helpful but sometimes they also clutter up and slow down your browser speed.

If you delete those cookies and caches it can help you speed up your browser. And when you have low disk space it will help you a lot.

Here’s how you can clear out the cache and cookies.

In Chrome 

  • From Settings, pick Clear browsing data. 

In Firefox 

  • You can find the setting under Privacy & Security and Clear Data. 

For Opera

  • Open Settings, then Privacy & security, and Clear browsing data. 

For Microsoft Edge

  • On the Settings tab, open Privacy and Services, then click Choose What to Clear. 

For Safari:

It is a bit more involved:

  • Open Preferences from the Safari menu, 
  • then click Advanced, 
  • and tick Show Develop menu in menu bar. 
  • You can then open up the Develop menu 
  • then, choose Empty Caches. 
  • Clear Safari cookies via Privacy and Manage Website Data in Preferences.



We have discussed cleaning up the extension, cookies and caches. They help a lot to speed up your browser. But if your browser still doesn’t have good speed then uninstalling and reinstalling is the best option for you. Re-installation will ensure you’re running the latest version of your browser, which is crucial for squashing bugs and blocking security threats. Plus, you’ll get a completely clean cache.

Delete your Browser and Reinstall to speed up your browser.

On Windows

  • here you’ll need to head to the Apps section of Settings to remove programs.

On macOS

  • You can just drag apps from the Applications folder in Finder to the Trash. 

On Microsoft Edge/ Safari

  • It’s not possible to uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows, or Safari from macOS, though, as these applications are embedded in the operating systems

If you delete your browser in the following way, please keep in mind that it will also remove your bookmarks and browsing history. So if you want to save your bookmarks then try to back them up somewhere else.

For resetting the browser chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera have handy features that will not give you much stress of uninstalling and reinstalling the entire program. 


In Chrome/ Edge/ and Opera

You can find the Restore settings to their original defaults link at the very bottom of the advanced settings list.

In Firefox

Open up the “about:support” page in a tab, then click Refresh Firefox. These resets will not affect your browsing history and bookmarks.


If you have too many tabs open in your browser it might be the reason for slowing down. The more open tabs you have the slower your browser will be. We know that nowadays users want to track several  sites to read it later. but you can save the link to your browser or bookmark it. it may save some space and won’t cause the speed.


Sometimes a fresh start is all you need. If all else fails, you might want to install a new browser. Competition among web browsers is tight. Some are better for performance, while other browsers provide better security and privacy options. A new browser might lead to a faster browsing experience on your computer.

Also you need to check your internet speed, Your sluggish browser performance may not have anything to do with your browser itself. Instead, your internet signal may be weak, causing your browser’s sub-optimal performance.


These are the ‘5 simple tricks to speed up your browser’. Try these tricks if you are facing this issue. It’s that simple and easy to understand. For more information contact us.