Recently a new Alexa setting appeared for some of the Echo show smart displays. This looks like a traditional security camera. 

What is the Echo Show

Maybe you are not familiar with the Echo show but this is the same product just like other Echo brands. The different features of this device are the touch screen and front-facing camera. You can use this as a video call. It is the key feature for using the device as a security camera. Rather than this, you can use recipes, calendars, music, and apps like Hulu right from the device. Sort of a combination between a smart speaker and smart TV device in one package.

Start With The Device You Want To Make A Security Camera

When you want to enable the Echo Show device as a security camera, you need to access the device’s settings.

First, you need to check the actual Echo Show smart display, You need to swipe down from the top of the screen. Then access the main menu and then tap Settings. Or you give a command to Alexa that says ‘Alexa, go to settings.


Follow these steps

  1. Tap the toggle to flip it on, To the right of Home Monitoring.
  1. Then a screen will appear with a message that “Echo Show can help you monitor your home” 

Just Tap Continue.

  1. After that again a new screen will appear asking you to verify the account. So Tap Continue now.
  1. Then, Key in your Amazon account password, then tap Done.
  1. And now you will see a new screen that reads “All set.” Tap Done immediately.



If you take time and let the screen timeout then you have to start over again, and the home monitoring setting won’t change.


What does the Echo Show home monitoring feature do?

This feature will allow you to view the live feed from any Echo show’s camera in your home on another Echo show. Or you can also use the Alexa app for this. 

It works just like the drop-in call, you can also use Fire TV with Alexa enabled and view the footage on your TV. 

In Echo show 10, it has a rotating screen, so you can easily swipe left and right on the phone screen to get the camera to rotate. But there are some restrictions or you can say limitations. 

In some of the best home security cameras, the Echo show will not alert you when the motion will be detected in the camera’s field of view. 

In this case, the cameras can not record the footage to review at the later date. You can say it is a purely live stream function.



This is ‘How You Can Use Amazon Echo Show As A Security Camera’ if you want to know more about it then contact us.